Telesales Solution

Our Swapkit TeleAPPlication allows a Telco or broker/ telesales representatives target consumer’s that are coming to the end of the contracts. SKTA1 system makes it easy for telesales cold call their target channel, knowing the device the consumer is on it makes very good sense to incentives the consumer to trade up the device they are using. Questions are asked and answered over the phone call. Once the telesales rep has keyed in the data to the Teleapp the booking has been made.

Forms of Credit
  1. 1. Network Billing credit

Corporate Tool

Enterprise: Swapkit Enterprise allows a Business account manager of a Telco or broker on the move easily evaluate a clients hardware or fleet cost. Allowing that client trade in its device and receive credit to their company bills

Buy Back Now System

BBN: Swapkit Buy Back now system allows retailers book a future price in for a consumers new handsets and encourages the consumer to remain with the retailer or Telco upon upgrading their handsets and receiving the best value

Web shops

Sosellit: Swapkit can offer directly through their own third party system a unique offering to all the consumer in your local country, you can directly sell your old electronic devices, shop online for a new product, Swap your products or Advertise to sell their own products to other wanting consumer.

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