Scope of Services


Swapkit Corporate offers master franchise opportunities to the Swapkit system GEPP. With the rights to offer these six systems across various channels opens up numerous opportunities to the holder of the franchise. The importance of gaining feedback on the product and service offerings as well as tap into the buying patterns and market awareness of consumers.

Holding the franchise you can make a choice on profits made on the resale of the goods or simply charging a fixed fee for usage of the system/ with stamp paid on the sale of goods, Refurbishing has gone from strength to strength with the demand for smart phones in up and coming economy’s the demand for the latest products but at a lower entry price point makeinitives such as buy back and recycling through eco-friendly programs that reduce e-waste and create new revenue streams.
Swapkit is a global leader in buy-back and trade in and delivers end-to-end solutions

Trade-In Programs

The accelerating pace of wireless device innovation has created a new market for trading-in pre-owned devices. We offer trade-in programs that recapture the residual value of returned devices and drives new product replacement sales.

Buy-Back Programs

The average device life cycle has dropped to 18 months. We buy-back, refurbish/re-new, and resell your wireless handsets in secondary markets effectively extending their economic life. For end-of-life devices that can’t be resold, we recycle handsets in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Key Customers
  • O2 Telephonic
  • Carphone Warehouse
  • Vodafone
  • Hutchinson H3G

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