Buy Back In store

Swapkit’s in store solution allows retailers offer a clever trade in service where consumers have the option to bring in there used products and receive a value back on their goods.

Forms of Credit
  1. Cash back options
  2. Trade in store Voucher
  3. Third Party voucher
  4. Network Billing credit

Swapkit in store solution is the world’s most advanced to date in store buy back tool. With its API offering seamless integration with Network voucher systems or retail Epos, SKBBI is become first choice

The system in store system was designed with consideration for both conser and retail agent doing each transaction, Consumers simply bring in their electronic products were the teller will enter the device details onto the system and answer 5 simple questions about the product.

Once the information has been entered the system will advise a price for the teller to offer to their consumer. Depending on the choices made on what forms of credit can be offered the teller will have 1-4 options to the consumer.

Choosing this Buy Back in-store system allows retailers make a guaranteed margin for all products taken in on the SKBBI tool and offer a new innovative way to get shoppers back to the store floor.

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