Brian Egan Sales Director at BPI Telecom goes from a manual trading process to put in the concept Global electronic pricing platform together which is now world-wide know as Swapkit its now trade-marked and patient pending. Co-Founders Brian, Barry, Harry go about building their global team.


Swapkit Ireland is launched
Swapkit sign up to support two major Irish Charities with Recycle initiatives IAA and Temple Street


Swapkit South Africa is launched
Swapkit roll out buy back service for Hutchinson Ireland


Swapkit United Kingdom is launched
Swapkit roll out buy back service for O2 Telefonica business team
Swapkit Ireland Open there own Franchise stores in Dublin City


Swapkit Australia is launched
Swapkit launch their customer care department in Hong Kong
Swapkit Ireland rolls out buy back service for major retail chain Xtra Vision
Swapkit UK sign up to support Hearts and Minds Charity


Swapkit New Zealand is launched
Swapkit Sign 3 Year Contract with Vodafone
Swapkit team up to sign 3 year contract with So Sell It.com
Swapkit sign up to support Degicel Foundation in Jamaica


Swapkit New Zealand sign 2 year contract with Starship Charity
Swapkit Ireland launches The Swapkit Foundation with 6 Charity members to date
Swapkit New Zealand sign contract to become the recognized national recycler for the country

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